I recently took my third trip to High Point Market. However, this trip was super special. This was the first trip to Market as the newly launched Regan Chappell Interiorsđź‘Ź. Joining me was my favorite Interior Decorator, aka Mom (you can meet her at the end of this post).

There’s a lot to take in and be inspired by…and drink! There was so much wine. If you’re like most people and have not heard about High Point Market, lemme explain a little bit.

Basically, it’s a Interior Design & Interior Decorating smorgasbord of furniture and decor. 

From the website, “The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months.”

Open to trades only, High Point Market showcases retailers and wholesalers of the best in residential and commercial furniture, rugs, lighting, wall hangings and artwork and other interior and exterior decorating products. 

Many interior designers, myself included, team up with these companies to offer these products to our clients. We add value by learning about the materials and manufacturing processes. 

Here are some pieces I am particularly excited about:

Pippi S R_TS from Midj

Pippi Chair from Midj

First, the Pippi S R_TS chair from Midj (pronounced MID-ee). These products are made completely in Italy. Most items (like 9.8 times out of 10) we found at the show were made in China and varied in quality. The design, the construction and the materials of Midj are steeped in intentionality, authenticity and quality. If only I could describe this material to you! It’s called Flexy Faux Leather. At first glance, the satin sheen and lively colors suggested to my brain, polyester, but it felt silky and squishy, but not sticky like hot leather car seats. Ahhh.. Flexy Faux Leather.

Domino Giro from Sangiacomo

The next item was from the neighboring showroom, Sangiacomo, also made in Italy.

The Domino Giro drawer system is completed in the round, which in the art world means it can be viewed from all sides. Many times case goods, or storage furniture, have a flimsy, unfinished panel on the back and hidden from sight. These drawers are flawlessly finished all the way around and they each spin independently from each other.


My next obsession came from a traditional vignette created by Thibaut. Their matching wallpaper and fabric are decorated with a cheerful print, yet it yields a sophisticated finish. Does that make sense? Let me know if I’ve lost you. 

Courtesy of Visual Comfort

Kelly Wearstler’s Reverie Lighting from Visual Comfort

Finally, the last pieces that made my heart skip a beat were Kelly Wearstler’s lighting collection at Visual Comfort. Overall, her eclectic style mixes modern and organic with a light touch of Surrealism. This nostalgic light fixture pictured, while not Surreal, looks like an outdated fixture of brass and ribbed glass from Grandma’s house that got a Contemporary makeover and was elevated to the 21st century. That was a long sentence but it had to be said!

I hope you enjoyed our bite-size version of High Point Market. Do you have other questions about this topic? If so, let me know in the comments!

2 Comments on “All About High Point Market

  1. So very proud of your next venture. You are so talented. I wish you all the success. And also for taking after mom. And me.


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