3 Things Your Mood Board Must Have

We’re talking about creating mood boards for your interior design project. When you set out to decorate your room, you may have vision in your head of the style and mood you want to create. An effective mood board exhibits these elements and is a must-have reference tool throughout your design / decorating process.

Relying on a mental picture you’ve created or 213 Pinterest posts could lead you to sourcing products that are a mishmash and look just plain ol’ confusing. Save yourself from this heartache and make a mood board with these elements below. Thank me later.

The Foundation

Start to build your design around an inspiring fabric, vacation spot, or even another completed room. This feature image embodies your overall mood and aesthetic. A picture says a thousand words, right? Start here and build.

Color Scheme

Your fabulous feature image is set and now you want to pull colors from it. Huge Tip: Use Canva.com. Create an Instagram Post size board and place your feature image there. Add a circle or square shape and fill the block with a color from the image. Canva makes it easy. Since you have one image, the color picker will have already pulled some of colors from the image for you to select. Duplicate these shapes and fill with a harmonious color to create your color palette. Have 1-3 foundation colors (I suggest neutrals) and 3-6 supporting accent colors. Remember: walls, ceiling, trim, flooring, these all have a color.


We have our mood and style wrapped up in this feature image. We have colors that are going to make up the room. Now, textures! Texture is tactile but it is also visual. Leather, brick, pampas grass, pearls, chinoiserie print, plaid, these all have a tactile and visual texture. Add these to your board and evaluate the harmony of your foundation and the color scheme. You may find you want to adjust your colors a bit. Keep the board simple.

Be fearless! Create a board with things you love and it will give you butterflies when you refer to it. Oh yeah – refer to it!! Download the board and before purchasing a product, check it out against the board.

Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram @reganchappellinteriors.
If you went through this post and decided mood boards and sourcing isn’t your thing, let’s chat. My eDesign package is a better fit for you.

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