Quick post here! If you’ve read my previous posts you probably know by now that I love visiting High Point Market every year. I snap some photos of the most noteworthy items for me and my business, take notes, snag candy from dishes (snacks everywhere), speak to the vendors; staying current, ya know? There are so many textures, lines, colors, material, etc. to take in it’s pretty much impossible to recollect it all.

☝However, I vividly remember there was one recurring product in many of the showrooms.

This product isn’t new. Like shagreen, which was used decoratively as early as the 16th century, it’s made a comeback. You can read more about shagreen here. So, I can bet you’ve seen this before and maybe you have it made into a sweater. If you have this in your home, let me know in the comments!

This product… it’s soft…

it’s Mid-Century… it’s everywhere…


Bouclé (boo-CLAY) is a French term meaning “curled” and refers to yarn made with a series of loops, or fabric that is made with the yarn. The loops of the yarn create a bumpy texture and appearance in the textile. Traditionally it’s made with wool but you can find it in other material, such as polyester, linen, silk, etc.

Pictured below are accent chairs covered in bouclé. Left is a dyed bouclé chair by Four Hands and Tov chair on the right.

The texture of the fabric can very but it is a soft fabric no matter the amount of loops or bumps.

Here I have seating in bouclé but you can use this as accents too; think window treatments, pillows, yada yada. Pictured above is a sofa from Tov and sectional by Sunpan.

That’s all I needed to share! See, I told you it was a quick post. Thanks for stopping by!😘

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