It’s time to decorate for Fall and fill your home luscious grassiness. 😍

You could buy 6 sticks of pampas grass online for about 14 bucks. OR… you could eat three Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A and have a whole lot more pampas grass for less. These plush plumes grow everywhere, and if you’re in the Upstate of South Carolina, you have it too.

We can do this ourselves for very few dollars, and I will show you how. So, put on your Martha Stewart panties and let’s get to snippin’!

First, pampas grass will. cut. you.

1. Wear your gloves, sleeves, pants – maybe even goggles, if you’re reckless!🥽

2. Scope out your fluffy victim.

3. Near the center of the large grasses are shoots of the plumes. Using some garden snips or regular scissors, cut the shoot to the desired length. About 12 – 18″ long.

4. Gather your plumes and hang them upside down for a couple weeks. They will shed but there is plenty of fluff left for you to enjoy. I should probably mention: watch out for creepy-crawlies. I hung my lot of plumes in the basement, tied them in a construction trash bag after it was sprayed with clear spray paint, with the hopes of evicting the inhabitants. (It worked!)

5. Lightly dust each plume with a clear coat spray paint. You will want a clear, flat (or matte) paint. If you use a paint with a sheen, satin or glossy, for instance, the plumes will not be “glossy.” Keep that in mind. This product will work. Use as directed on the can. This means you should be outside and spraying about 6 – 8″ away from the pampas grass. Let it dry and coat the plumes twice (or three times if you feel you sprayed too lightly). You don’t want to drench the pampas grass, just evenly coat it to hold the fluffy together.

Additional Thought: Using glitter spray as your sealer sounds like fun. If you try it, let me know in the comments. I’m curious if this worked for you!

Arrange in a tall vase or decorate a wreath. Get creative and enjoy your decor!

Tip: Pampas grass can be dyed with fabric dye. This method reduces fluffiness and adds a pastel color to the plumes. The colors used here are Rit Dye’s Emerald and Rose Quartz.

For more vibrant colors, lightly coat the plumes with a paint and primer spray paint. For the look shown below, I used Krylon Fusion All-In-One paint in the color Satin Sangria.

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