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Decorate Any Room For Fall In 3 Easy Steps

You know you live in South Carolina if you “feel a chill in the air” once the temperature drops to 80 degrees. It’s currently 77 degrees and I’m wearing long sleeves. But hey, I’m not complaining because the climate here in the Upstate provides us all four seasons. Most of us love the Summer time (me, especially), but when the first of September rolls … Read More Decorate Any Room For Fall In 3 Easy Steps


DIY Curtain Hack

Is it “curtains” or “drapes”? Honestly, most designers and decorators use these words interchangeably. I usually say drapes or draperies, but that’s me being fancy. Use either and we all know what you mean. Custom window treatments bring softness and elegance to a space and make a huge impact in your room. Anything custom comes with a price, of course. For two panels with … Read More DIY Curtain Hack


How To Preserve Pampas Grass

How to preserve your pampas grass plumes for decorating. It’s a lot simpler than you think!