With an uptick in remodels and more people staying at home in 2020, the interior decorating game is jumping! If you just redecorated your home, you may want to know if your style is still in. Here are my key takeaways from High Point Market Fall 2020. If you don’t know what High Point Market is, check out this post here.

Let me answer everyone’s burning question first. Whether you love or loathe it, “Farmhouse” is… drumroll, please…. HERE TO STAY! Yep, the Farmhouse style ain’t goin’ anywhere in 2021, so keep your white-washed this, chippy-paint that, but please, please let go of the “Live, Laugh, Love” wall hangings.

‘Twas too funny to not share. We still love you, Farmhouse!

LUXE. The luxe style was apparent in many showrooms. This is good news for those who have or are planning to install gold or brass fixtures. These metals are a staple in the luxe design style and are paired with other textures such as glass, animal hide, and fluffy or velvety material.

See the pink covering this dresser? It’s glass!

Speaking of animal hide, animal prints and figures are huge! Check out this snake leg coffee table from Sagebrook Home and cowhide accent chair.

One last bit I must mention while we’re on the topic of animals is shagreen. Shagreen (pronounced shah-GREEN) is a popular leather found on furniture; mostly decor and casepieces like chest of drawers and nightstands. While shagreen is not new, (it’s believed to have originated in the 16th century) it is rising in furniture coverings again. Shagreen is stingray or shark hide (sometimes other fishy creatures) and looks similar to a basketball. Okay, it has a finer dappling of dots than a basketball and is quite elegant, so I do not encourage dribbling your shagreen covered table trays.

See this example of Kathy Kuo’s shagreen covered nightstand below. Here is a link to the product.

Wallpaper is alive and well. I hated it when I was a young lass. If you’ve ever had to remove wallpaper, you probably do too, but please just give it another chance! Your walls are a huge opportunity for color, pattern and texture and wallpaper is only here to help you. I especially love wallpaper in a powder room and how the print gives you a nice little hug and tells you how pretty you are when you’re gazing into the mirror. You feel the same way, right?

Thibaut wallpaper

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To recap, for the speed readers out there:

Farmhouse design is here for the long haul.
Luxe style is on the rise.
We are seeing more animal figures, animal prints and animal hides.
Brass on all the things!
Shagreen is making a comeback.
Wallpaper wants you back.

There you have it: my key takeaways for design trends in 2021. If you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments below!

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